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Pastor David Adams was born on August 5, 1953 in Nassau, Bahamas to Lou and Dorothy Adams.  He is the couple's oldest of their nine children.  Pastor Adams was saved on February 6, 1972 at the age of eighteen under the preaching of Dr. Howard Mills.  He was baptized and called to preach that same year.  Pastor Adams attended Blue Water Bible College in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and graduated in 1977.  He then became the Assistant Pastor to Dr. Mills at Baptist Bible Church in Nassau.  He was at the church for fourteen years and taught at Nassau Christian Academy. 

On November 2, 1986, Pastor David Adams became the pastor of New Testament Baptist Church where he is still pastoring today.  Seven other churches have been started from New Testament Baptist Church. Pastor Adams is also the founder of Teleos Christian School and the Fundamental Baptist Youth Conference (F.B.Y.C.)


Pastor Adams received his Doctorate from Baptist Christian University in 1992, as well as an Honorary Doctorate from Landmark Baptist College in 2000. Pastor Adams has travelled to many Caribbean Islands where he has held revivals, marriage conferences and mission conferences. He has also travelled to Africa, including Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Pastor Adams lost his first wife to cancer in 1998 and five years later on June 28, 2003 he got remarried to Venetta Nisbett. He has three sons, David, Daniel, and Darius, as well as, three grandchildren.



To evangelize the world through Missions
To exalt Jesus in our Music
To equip families through Marriages
To edify saints through Messages




To biblically train each husband and wife to minister as a team to the needs of their family, church, community & youth of the nation




“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”
Psalm 11:3


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